3 Tips To Keep The Basement Dry In Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Are you smelling any moisture in the basement? If the answer was YES, you may be looking for a qualified company.


Here are 3 tips to keep the basement dry in your home. In some parts of the USA, the moisture is extra high and In most older homes it’s a challenge to keep these basements dry so no mold builds up.



1. The Gutter System

Problem: This is mostly overlooked and sometimes the gutter downspouts are pouring water right in front of the foundation. Water pushes its way down below ground level and sits there. The foundation breathes so eventually moisture will pull through the walls.  Try buying gutter extenders Click here



2. Dehumidifier

Because the basement is basically underground moisture will build up over time. Typically you want the humidity to stay between 35%-45% to keep the basement nice and dry.  This strategy will do wonders to help the basement dry in your home. Are you shopping for a dehumidifier? We recommend this one Click here 




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   3. Waterproofing

This method will do wonders in keeping the basement dry and sealed tight. Simply measure the walls on the interior and use this product. This will keep all moisture out and will not allow mold to grow. The going rates to do the work is between$8.15 – $9.66 per square foot*. I like to tell my clients to use a free service called Homewyse.

Advance ways to keep moisture out of the basements

In cases where water is physically getting in the basement, Installing a french drain around the perimeter of the perimeter to pull any excess water out of the home would be a possible solution as well.  HGTV wrote a detailed post here . Having the french drain lead to a sump pump may be the correct solution if the basement is holding water.

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