How to drill out Juno Kwikset


This is how to drill out Juno Kwikset lock In under 3 min. In property preservation, we come across homes all the time where the tenants just skip outta dodge leaving the home completely locked tight.



Property Matrix LLC will get a call to get inside the home and do an Initial Inspection. We are tasked with giving an honest estimate to get this asset up for rent Immediately.




Disclaimer: Property Matrix LLC not consent to any Illegal activity and all laws need to be followed at all times.



Some Safety Tips to make sure home is 100% Vacant



  • Always carry work order on your person
  • Take time-stamped photos with latitude and longitude
  • Walk around property to make sure It’s vacant
  • Knock on a neighbors door and ask if anyone is living there
  • If these steps are taken you will rarely have any issues.



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