Mold Remediation – A Better Way

In the property preservation Industry, we run Into a lot of mold remediation demo work. We go Into very dangerous conditions working around mold spores, cold and damp wet areas using force and dangerous chemicals like bleach, cleaners etc. Is there a better way? Absolutely!

I love science, and because I study material science I found an unconventional way to totally eliminate all discoloration (mold) from the home within 24 hrs or sooner without scrubbing the walls with bleach and cleaners.






What Is An the Ozone Generator



Ozone is a toxic gas used to clean the air and It has the ability to kill mold spores and much more. Here is a link to learn more

Professionals are now beginning to see the benefits of using Ozone to kill mold spores. We know Ozone cleans the air but research is now showing promising results for killing mold, getting rid of small pests like fleas, bed bugs, dust mites, etc. This is really promising!! This will bring down costs drastically.

Here is some other tips in this article to keep your basement dry click here

In closing, please check with EPA regulations for the correct way to use ozone. It’s very effective but also a toxic gas. So there is a procedure to follow. Always be safe and always leave the site better then you found it.

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