New Jersey Landlord Maintenance – Rental Properties

In this blog post, we would like to share some value on landlord maintenance rental properties.

Preventative maintenance will usually never come to mind until you are sitting down at the table writing a big fat check on a repair that could have been avoided. We have managed thousands of properties In NJ, NY, PA, and we will share the best ways to avoid costly repairs to your assets. So what are the most commonly ignored maintenance?

Some routine maintenance commonly Ignored

  1. Door Stops – Believe it or not when mom gets home from the food shopping, or kids getting home from school and hungry you can easily see how door stops can save from sheetrock damage. Door stops are $2 each and will save you money and time.
  2. Routine Occupancy Checks – Property Matrix LLC offers occupancy checks service. We drive by the home each month to read the meters and take time-stamped photos with latitude/longitude. This ensures the landlord asset is safe/secured and no visible preventative maintenance is needed.
  3. HVAC Filters– Always change the filters. Tenants rarely do In our experience. Set clear Instructions In your Lease.
  4. Plumbing- Check all faucets are not leaking. This could do severe water damage.
  5. Sprinkler Systems– Always have a licensed professional Inspect twice a year.
  6. Lawn Care– Even if you have the best tenants living in your home its always best to higher a maintenance lawn company. It lowers liabilities and code violations.
  7. Garage Doors– Tenants will never grease the garage chain.
  8. Bathrooms- Caulk and seal any cracks so no water can get under the floors. This is HUGE!
  9. Hot water Heater/Furnace– How old are the units? if it’s running old you may want to replace them. The last thing you want is the tenant calling you at 3 am. Note: Keep condensation line clean