Occ Check Inspections for HUD Client Properties

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Property Matrix LLC has been doing occupancy checks for client/landlords throughout the state of NJ. Occupancy checks Is a wonderful service we provide to ensure clients properties are being maintained as well as NO foreseeable violations are accumulating.



What Is A Occupancy Check

An occupancy check is a service provided by Property Matrix LLC and it provides clear Information needed for homeowners to make sure the properties are In great standing. We found over the years this is a great way to avoid future code violations from renters as well as a great preventative maintenance strategy.

Property Matrix LLC uses propriety software to ensure our clients receive maximum value by providing latitude and longitude time-stamped photos.

Inspection forms should Include specific photos to Identify property:

Here is a list below.

  • Street Sign
  • Front of Property
  • back of the property (with asset In one frame)
  • 4 Corners
  • All Utility Meters ( Gas, water, electric)
  • Pics of any foreseeable damage + report Included
  • Roofing condition
  • AC Unit if any



Occupancy Check Preventive Maintenance



I tell my teams all the time how important it is to Identify future headaches. I mean our slogan is too…



Preserve Value & Maintain Stability



So It is vital for us to spot any issues before they are troublesome for the client and will cost more money. Some of the most common preventative maintenance to check during occupancy checks are:



  • Gutter cleaning
  • Lawn/trees/hedges
  • No broken Windows
  • Strong Railings
  • No tripping hazards on the side walk



Occupancy Checks Is a wonderful strategy to ensure your assets are being maintained